S&D Precision Toolmakers is a well-established manufacturing company with a rich history spanning over four decades.

Throughout our existence, we have maintained a solid commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation in the field of high-precision manufacturing. 


S&D Precision Toolmakers is based in Vereeniging, Gauteng, and operates as a job shop. This location allows us to serve various industries, including petrochemical, power generation, defence and mining, by delivering high-accuracy components such as tooling, dies, jigs, impellers, shafts, sleeves and gears.

Product Range

In addition to a wide range of high-precision components, we specialise in the manufacture of gear shaper cutters. With a particular emphasis on rack-type (MAAG, Sunderland) and disc-type (Fellows) cutters. All our cutters are made to Order, with standard manufacture time of 2-3 Working Days.

Global Reach

Our long established global client base is true testament to our quality service offerings, with clients in countries such as South Africa, Australia, Japan and Canada, The ability to ship the majority of our Gear Shaper Cutters three business days demonstrates our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs efficiently.

Commitment to Innovation

We are constantly striving to keep up with the latest technology and innovations in high-precision manufacturing which underscores our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers.